I Will Wear Antlers In My Hair


The other day my mother said “so, there’s this lady selling some antlers. I’m going round to see them tomorrow.” (The lady apparently lived like ten minutes down the road…how my mother found out about her I don’t know. Probably Ebay.) I told her that although I would love a set of antlers I didn’t have the cash available, and we left it at that. But, my mother being her lovely and incredibly generous self, returned from her foray to this lady’s house (she turned out to be a taxidermy collecting Wiccan) and handed me the most beautiful set of roe deer antlers as a gift and my immediate thought was HEADDRESS oh my fucking god YES.

The antlers once sat on the head of a roe deer that had been culled in Scotland. Sadly, culling deer is a necessary thing in order to keep the herds and their surroundings healthy. If we still had wolves in Scotland, then man wouldn’t need to interfere…but I won’t go into that right now else you’ll still be here next week. Fortunately, the hides and the meat were all distributed to butchers and so forth, so please don’t imagine huge rotting mounds of deer carcasses littering the highlands.

One of the main reasons I would like to make this set into a headdress is so that the animal they once belonged to can be remembered, respected and celebrated long after death. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to go about it as yet, but I know that I’d like to keep it simple. I dislike wearing anything that’s over elaborate and I want the antlers to be the centre of attention. If you have any tips or suggestions as to what I can do to make a headdress, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

– Katie.


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