Katie Wears Black

O6 BeFunky_O1.jpg O2.jpg O3.jpg O5.jpgSpring has arrived here in the North, which means that short-er sleeved tops are making an appearance, and sometimes I even pop out without a scarf which, for me, is like a big deal. I can’t remember the last time I donned a skirt before photographing this outfit. This winter has all been about warm, ankle length dresses and heavy scarves. (I like being cocooned.) So it was a really nice, really freeing feeling slipping into a skirt which has been begging to come out of the wardrobe for many moons.

I’m a lot in love with what I’ve got going on here, and there’s a fair bit to talk about so I’ll start from the top. I used to be big on hats. As in, wherever I went my hat followed. For several years I donned a black beret, then, when I left that on a tram in Oslo, I adopted a peasant-like black wool hood. Then, when I left that at an Aura Noir gig in Newcastle, I kind of forgot about hats for a while, until last year when I was battling for air in Primark and caught sight of this tidy Fedora. (I think it was American Horror Story Coven which made me rekindle my love for hats. If you haven’t already I recommend that you check it out, as much for the fashion as the storyline.) I had to spend a while rummaging through the stack to get one which wasn’t dented or covered in floor fluff – you know how it is in there – but eventually I found one which was as perfect as it was going to be. I haven’t worn it out much, sadly, but with the warm, calmer weather starting to roll in there’s really no excuse to leave it at home.

The waistcoat was brought at a second hand clothing store at Bloodstock Festival market back in 2012. It’s British leather and was handcrafted by British crafts people. It was a steal at £15. I feel like I’m going to move mountains whenever I slip it on.The Marduk patches on the front have been there since the day I brought it home and stitched them on. The back has had its fair share of re-vamps but I’m content with the Satanic Warmaster display. I’ve a fair few backpaches decorating this leather, but this patch reigns supreme, and has quite the effect when I’m walking through North American airports. The cops over there generally do a double take, though it could be that they’re looking at my boots…

The boots I’m talking about are French Military Combat Boots and have been a wardrobe staple since 2010. I always order them from the same store online – an army surplus place based in Germany. Honestly, I can’t fault these boots. I wear them all year round and very rarely do I feel a craving for something new. I put them on and my confidence immediately skyrockets. They’re very much a part of my look and life without them would be pretty fucking bleak.

Underneath my waistcoat I have a draped, three-quarter length top from New Look. I bought this stupidly comfortable staple in a sale a while ago, and it’s probably the best £4 I’ve ever spent. It’s a perfect item to layer with, and works so go damn well with skinny fit jeans or maxi skirts.

Talking about maxi skirts, the one I’m wearing here is so light and airy the wind nips at it whenever it has the chance. It’s another New Look sale find. I can actually remember the day I bought it. I grabbed it and decided it was coming home with me before I’d even tried it on. I’m a big, no, I’m a huge fan of maxi skirts, and will always, always choose a loose fitting maxi over a mini or a midi length. I like the comfort they provide and they fit in so damn well with my overall style.

I have a feeling that this set up is going to be utilised a lot in these coming months. I feel like a modern day goddess of the night and that’s always a good thing.

– Katie.

Fedora – Primark
Waistcoat – Second hand from Bloodstock Festival market
Patches – Hellfest market
Draped Top – New Look
Maxi Skirt – New Look
French Ranger Boots – ASMC


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