Shieldmaiden Attire


Photo 14-03-2015 22 51 49

Delighted to be posting what I’m sure will be the first of many outfit posts on VargaMor; insufficient funds and an inability to find clothes I liked meant that I spent years trapped in the same clothes I came to loathe as a teenager. Now I seem to have developed a knack for rummaging in high street shops and finding clothes suitable for anyone wanting to wear Dark Fashion. I’ve also started delving into thrift shops more keenly as well and intend shop substantially more in thrift shops in the future – the clothes are cheap, it’s a fantastic way of recycling clothes and there are some stunning clothes to be found when you poke around.

I have been heavily influenced by fashion tags on tumblr – namely Dark Fashion, Strega Fashion and Dark Mori (I would highly recommend checking out all three) and the inspiration this outfit comes from these fashion tags. I have always found something wonderfully sexy about leather and PVC and finally owning a pair of faux leather/PVC leggings like these is a delight; I feel indescribably happy and sexy whilst wearing them. They are a great addition to any aspiring women wanting to wear dark fashion because they’re so dynamic; I can build so many unique outfits around such a simple item of clothing. The long pointed top was something I spotted by chance; I have a love for long garments and the points on this top entranced me and make me feel wonderfully witchy when they catch in the wind. Like the PVC trousers, this is a very dynamic piece and is great for layering with other garments and wearing with jeans, leggings, shorts and skirts. I think my only criticism of it is that it is high-necked; I personally prefer tops of a lower cut as I believe they’re more flattering.

The main disadvantage with photographing black garments is that you often can’t photograph all the layers well; I’m also wearing a pointed cardigan that is deliberately full of holes (I will brush over this particular garment now as I’m intending on devoting an entire post to it at a later date) and a leather jacket. Leather jackets are a bit of a must for a dark fashion/metalhead wardrobe. They go with everything and make you feel so friggin powerful when you’re wearing them. I always feel powerful in leather.

I wanted to add some colour this outfit with the scarf and the tiedye bag – quietly expressing my hippy tree-hugging side. Then finally my mjolnir – I rarely go without my mjolnir. Although they’re not in the image, I wore this outfit with a new pair of deep purple Doc Martens. Doc Martens have been virtually stuck on my feet since my dad bought me my first pair when I was thirteen. I think they’ll be with me for life.

Scarf: Hand-me-down

Tiedye bag: Bought in a market in Malaysia

Mjolnir: gift

Everything else is from H&M

Doc Martens (not photographed): Scorpio Shoes, Newcastle


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