Etsy Discovery: Sovrin

Chuffed to be posting my first Etsy discovery on VargaMor: Sovrin.

I will concede, Sovrin is not a new discovery of mine. I’ve had my eye on these beautiful clothes and accessories for some time but I have yet to have the funds to invest in some of her lovely items. Based in Madison, Wisconsin she makes a range of t-shirts, patches, scarves, leggings, cardigans and tops; all with a range of wonderfully occult designs. I particularly like the fact that some of her tops and cardigans are hooded which adds a delectably witchy edge to her garments and her use of bones and skeletons in her t-shirt designs are a chilling celebration of nature and the macabre beauty in death.

I have a copious amount of respect for the fact she makes a point of being as environmentally friendly and as ethical as possible; eco-friendly inks, organic fabrics and nothing made in a sweatshop.

I’m sure these items would be a must for any Dark Fashion wardrobe.

– Becca


il_570xN.646750995_so5sil_570xN.699334630_7f66 il_570xN.646790513_1ij8 il_570xN.741552466_fjvz Sovrin



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