I was recommended to check out Phantomlovely by a friend and when the page loaded I made an extremely undignified noise of utter delight – I don’t think it’s socially acceptable to physically drool over clothing but there you go. As someone who has an insatiable desire to look like a Ring Wraith, I want to buy everything Phantomlovely has to offer due to the wealth of deliciously large hoods for the aspiring Nazgûl. Based in New York and created by Leila Marlene, all of her garments are handmade from fabrics made in American mills. Now please excuse me whilst I weep with mingled pleasure and pain at discovering such clothes and being unable to currently afford them. ~ Becca

il_570xN.718087640_iu2h il_570xN.718213053_ebur il_570xN.718789819_rx0p


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