Katie Wears Black

The outfit you’re looking at here is old. I’ve worn this combination countless times because it works so fucking well.

The tatty Burzum Det Som Engang Var shirt was purchased back in 2007. It’s a murky, grey-ish black now because of the amount of times it’s been through the wash. When I ordered it, I went for a large size. Back then, I wore my band tops long and baggy. But when the shirt arrived, it didn’t look over-sized and effortlessly cool, it looked over-sized and bloody ridiculous. Not knowing how to handle a sewing machine, I hacked it up instead, putting some safety pins here and there to ensure no boob flashing.

My tasseled leather jacket is older than me. My mother  – who used to be a biker – ordered it from a shop in Camden Town in the late 70’s paying something like £50 for it. I found it tucked away at the back of her wardrobe several years ago, and have worn it ever since. You will probably notice that there’s some teeth missing on the zip, and an enormous, gaping hole which I’ve tried to ‘make better’ with yet more safety pins. This isn’t a jacket that protects me from the cold or anything. No, it does something much more important than that. This is a jacket which makes me look and feel like a powerful witch of the road.

The shorts are made out of jeans which I nabbed from a charity shop about two years ago, and chopped up. I added two Burzum patches, a Darkthone patch and a Vreid patch. They’re comfy enough for anything, though I always layer them with leggings or ripped tights.

My leggings I’m wearing are from H&M. I like buying leggings in bulk from there. They’re uber reliable, comfortable and warm and take a long, long time to fade.

The bone necklace is something I made myself, out of fox bones and a sterling silver chain. When I drop it over my neck, I immediately feel my self-confidence take a trip skywards. It’s one of my signature pieces for sure.

With summer around the corner, I’m considering approaching my other band tops with the same scissor hacking customization. I love the ragged texture of tops that have been customized with little more than a pair of scissors.

– Katie.

Leather Jacket – Hand me down from my mother.
Burzum T-shirt – Hell…I can’t even remember…
Necklace – I made it myself out of fox bones and a sterling silver chain.
Shorts – Jeans that I thrifted and made into shorts.
Patches – Hellfest.
Leggings – H&M

IMG_7635 IMG_7887 IMG_8015 IMG_8039 IMG_8054

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