DIY Taake Tote Bag

So, for some inexplicable reason at about quarter to eleven last night I had a sudden desire to learn how to make a band top into a tote bag. Approximately 30 seconds later, I had found this site which explained how I could make a bag with only a pair of scissors and a t-shirt. However, it soon became clear that if I wanted to see the last step I would ‘have to go pro,’ which I wasn’t prepared to do at that time.  The last step was sorting out the handles, so have just left them as they ended up.

Anyway, It took a wee while for me to decide which band top to go for. Primarily because I wanted to start with a full t-shirt (as instructed on the site) and most of mine have had parts such as sleeves and necks harvested. In the end it was a tie up between Marduk and Taake. I went for the Taake shirt, mainly because it’s enormous on me and would work better as something to lug my stuff around in.


1. Get your stuff together: Band shirt, chalk, scissors.



2. Carefully cut off the sleeves. Seen as though these sleeves include designs, I’ve decided to hang onto them and maybe craft up some patches or something.


3. Use some chalk and a bowl to create a scooped shape. (After I had taken these photographs, I decided to make my scoop a little larger to make the handles of the bag easier to hold.)


4. Cut the scoop.


 5. At the bottom of the shirt, cut through both layers of material to make slits, with an inch between each slit.


 6. Align all of the slits and tie in double knots.  I didn’t want the raggedy ends at the bottom of my bag, so I turned my top inside out before tying the knots.



…and you have a bag ready for your next gig. if you decide to make yourself a band bag, please send us your photographs!

– Katie.



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