Niya Lee Ceramics

As I mentioned in my post about Whittards, I love collecting mugs and despite never really owning my own crockery, when I eventually have my own place, I look forward to having some of Niya Lee’s work in my kitchen. Based in New Mexico, Niya provides a range of different products from mugs, to decorative ceramics to bowls, plates and teacups. All nature orientated and just perfect. My heart skipped a beat when I stumbled across her shop and I couldn’t resist a grin when I noticed that 10% of the proceeds from all her bee themed ceramics goes towards organisations encouraging awareness for the decline of bees and helping to protect them. ~ Becca

il_570xN.600458428_ledt il_570xN.650816122_89fb il_570xN.673806854_ndfe il_570xN.714613236_k9s0 il_570xN.736795437_hevz il_570xN.737808962_ajm7 il_570xN.738443933_i5r6 il_570xN.745768339_qjke il_570xN.748658985_9h1u


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