Katie Wears Black

Today is the first time it’s actually been really warm here in the north of England. So, I decided to shed some layers and don a dress and some sunglasses for a trip out to town. On my way, a young lad shouted ‘do you do drugs?’  Half an hour later, on my way back, a young father with his child in a pushchair shouted across the street ‘what the fuck is that?’ I’ve been shouted at by random strangers since I was a young kid, so nowadays I don’t even turn around.

Anyway, back to what I was wearing. This tight-fitting maxi dress has been a wardrobe staple since 2013. It makes me feel sexy and clings in most of the right places. I think it’s entirely possible to be sexy and alluring without getting practically naked.

The faux leather vest was bought back in 2012 on the highstreet. I like it when leather look pieces come into fashion, and then fall out of fashion a few months later, because it enables people like me – who live in the stuff – to make the most of the sales. I sewed the Marduk patch on by hand.

The leather look jacket was another high street find which I uncovered in a sale. It’s a perfect alternative to my real leather on warm days. My sunglasses are Dickies, and wrap around to provide my sensitive eyes with perfect shade. The fedora is my new favourite accessory and will be accompanying me wherever I go during these warm months.

– Katie.

Maxi Dress – New Look

Fedora – Primark

Sunglasses – Dickies

Vest – New Look

Marduk Patch – Hellfest

Jacket – H&M

IMG_9147 IMG_9198 IMG_9251 IMG_9447 IMG_9456 NEW

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