Unpacking Sovrin

Having spent so long as a skint student, finally having my own money resulted in treating myself; when I heard that the woman behind Sovrin only had five runic scarves left, I hurriedly asked her if she would be willing to reserve one for me. She fortunately messaged back saying she had one left in stock. I ordered it and kept tracking my order to see where it was; I expected it to take a while to arrive so I didn’t check back on it for a few days and then post stumbling out of bed the other morning it dawned on me to check – on realising it had arrived in the UK the day before, I ran downstairs and outside to the postbox and low and behold there it was. Now I rarely get sincerely excited about anything but receiving things in the post is very much something that excites me still.

I had the outer package ripped open in seconds but was careful to avoid ripping the distinctive ‘Sovrin’ sticker on the plastic it was wrapped in. Something reverberated inside me when the rune covered material tumbled out; as someone so interested in the Norse gods, history, culture, I have long wanted something involving runes to adorn my body (in the future, I’m considering rune tattoos) and the thrill of finally having something to declare my love of such an old and fascinating culture that means so much to me was indescribable. I was smelling it (it smells wonderful) and tracing my fingertips over the runes immediately before I slipped it onto my neck.

I wore it for the first time today out and about and I cannot describe how powerful it made me feel whilst wearing it. I doubt it’ll come off my neck anytime soon.

I would highly recommend buying from Sovrin, the garment is beautiful, she was extremely friendly and kind when I asked her to reserve it for me and the small things she included in the package made me smile; some stunning stickers of a couple of her designs and a little card thanking me for my purchase. This kind of attention to detail is impeccable and delights me.

~ Becca



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