Shieldmaiden Attire

I haven’t felt particularly self confident for a little while now so have actively avoided outfit pics but the difference dyeing my hair makes is enormous; I’m always more comfortable in my appearance when I have distinctive blood red hair as opposed to the faded gingery blonde it goes when I leave it alone.

I’ve always enjoyed the idea of owning a fringed dress and I came across one while browsing H&M online; the original dress I was eyeing up was jersey but all the ones I found in-store were in a shiny nylon-esque material. I was quite unsure about this at first but when I tried it on, I loved it immediately. It’s wonderfully fitted and the low cut of the dress on the back shows off my shoulder blades. I have a weakness for garments that flow and move with the wind or when I’m walking so a fringed garment such as this makes me quite happy. I felt strong and sexy in this outfit so decided to share.

~ Becca

Photo 11-04-2015 21 18 35 Photo 11-04-2015 21 15 48 Photo 11-04-2015 21 14 23


Dress: H&M
Scarf: Sovrin
Boots: Scorpio shoes


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