Hyperborean Shadows : Contemporary Dark Northern Culture

2 I am currently writing a book entitled Hyperborean Shadows : Contemporary Dark Northern Culture and am looking for people to get involved. The book will be a guide to the dark fashion, art and music, crafts, literature, blogs and films being created in Nordic countries and Canada.

Everything featured in the book, from the black metal bands to the fashion designers, from the filmmakers to the bloggers will have been carefully selected to represent the vision I have of contemporary dark northern culture.

When I say contemporary, I mean that I will be focusing on people who have been ‘in action’ so to speak from the year 2000 onwards. There will also be an emphasis on creative cross-pollination, the importance of collaboration and the rise of the slow-fashion movement.

There are many astounding dark visions being realised in the North Lands in this age, and I firmly believe that the creative people behind these visions need to be recognised, celebrated and documented.

This book will be unlike anything you will have encountered before. Lavish and wide-ranging, Hyperborean Shadows will open your mind and introduce you to dark northern culture which you may have otherwise missed.

To find out more about Hyperborean Shadows, head over to the website. To read more about my work, you can head over to my website, blog, Facebook or Instagram. You can also contact me at katiemariemetcalfe@hotmail.co.uk

– Katie.


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