Interview With Blogger Nikki Moose

Dirty Flaws is essential blog reading for any woman who sleeps, lives and breathes dark fashion. Around since 2008 Dirty Flaws is the brainchild of the inspirational powerhouse that is Nikki Moose. I was fortunate enough to catch up with Nikki and discover what provides the fuel for her creative fire.

– Katie

10947286_840117956048516_8277548050770398253_nDirty Flaws has been in the blogopshere for nearly a decade now. Can you recall what sparked the idea to establish what is now considered one of the original dark fashion blogs, and did you ever envisage it becoming the inspirational internet hotspot that it is today?

It’s crazy to think it has been almost 10 years since I started dirtyflaws. I never really started it with big plans or long term intentions, just wanted to keep an online open diary of the fashion exteriors I was into. I love where it has gone and where it continues to go and dig that people after all this time are still along for the ride!

1978832_729771117083201_8398381083285689604_nWhen you first started out with Dirty Flaws did you begin a regular blogging routine immediately, or did it take a wee while to get into the swing of things?

Almost immediately I became pretty addicted to blogging. I had a full time retail gig so I would work, come home and blog my little dark heart out. I was absorbing so much that was happening in the fashion world at the time and loved connecting with other bloggers!

10418166_726957097364603_6431132837915239795_nWhat changes have you seen occur in the blogging world since 2008? How has time affected your blogging role, and what blogging features are you grateful for now that weren’t around back then?

Blogging has evolved onto so many different platforms other than the actual web. I started on the Internet and branched out onto Facebook and Instagram but I know a handful of people who strictly blog on just a hands on social media app like Instagram. It’s rad to see people connecting and making full careers by blogging about fashion, interiors, food, etc…

10649711_767260370000942_941686465178435623_nWhat blogs do you find yourself regularly gravitating towards?

Surprisingly, the majority of blogs I visit regularly are all if not mostly home interior based…I’ve been getting the design itch with the new move coming up.

10348380_786741934719452_8668875493220763223_nIt’s come to my attention that Gareth Pugh and Rick Owens provide you with endless sources of inspiration. Can you talk about what their work does for you?

Gareth Pugh was the reason I even started dirtyflaws and through him I was introduced to Rick Owens. They both have unknowingly shaped the site since the beginning and its fun to look back and see past collections I have posted and to see how these designers have evolved in the last (almost) ten years! I have branched out so much since the beginning but I always fall back on some of my favourites from them.

993922_541098279283820_1016489680_nDuring my research, I discovered that accessorizing before leaving the house is one of your daily rituals. What feelings come to the surface when you are layered up with jewellery? I have a fox bone necklace which, when slipped on, sends my self-confidence through the roof!

See! That’s what it’s all about – putting on anything whether it be jewellery or clothes and your confidence exploding! I feel naked without 20 pounds of bracelets on so I usually start there and work everything around that.

10252036_696883357038644_6927365467997759116_nWhat is a typical day in the life of Nikki Moose like?

Right now it’s working my social media gigs (not including my own) and packing up to move in June ! I drink a lot of coffee, hang with my dog and keep busy with work.

10302062_705668832826763_3401639939998015642_nHow would you define your personal style nowadays, and what role does black play?

I always say this but – Forever evolving in shape, not color.

11150282_877209912339320_5154321899142137182_nAs a passionate thrifter, do you have any tips for a successful rummage? What would you consider to be your best thrift find to date?

When thrifting, I never look at the size of anything (except shoes). If I like the material or design I pick it up and give it a shot. I think sometimes we miss things because we see the size and “assume” its too big or too small but depending on the time frame it was made it could be just right! I came across a wool YSL cape from the 70s last summer while shopping with my mom – beautiful piece I ended up parting with but then we both were in shock when we found it!

1907474_866740863386225_3925631088700021402_nWhere are your favourite thrift stores located?

The state of Pennsylvania has been really REALLY good to me. I generally drive a 30-45 minute distance outside of Pittsburgh to visit a few hidden gems out in the mountains.

150766_863036043756707_5335292864800914315_nWhat in the world of dark fashion has recently caught your eye?

I hate to admit this but….actually, no I don’t….let me be the first to say I am really feeling leather slides for summer! I don’t know if that is really falls under “dark fashion” but its black and leather so it’s dark enough for me.

11037556_861689227224722_6097431741406232665_nWhat can we expect to see from Nikki Moose and Dirty Flaws in the coming months?
Right now I am in the process of moving to an insanely gorgeous studio in the city. Once I settle in there, I will be working with an online jewellery shop on social media and lifestyle photography. Excited to branch out more and help brands that I have supported since the beginning and vice versa!

Head over to the Dirty Flaws blog, Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with Nikki’s dark endeavours.


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