I encountered Raintower quite some time ago and I was instantly enchanted. Established by Naomi Nowak from Stockholm, Sweden, she focuses on creating beautiful clothing sustainably and using entirely recycled fabrics that she re-dyes herself and adds her unique designs to. She also makes a range of stunning pendants modelled closely on her intricate illustrations. Her work is heavily inspired by natural magics, the ethereal beauty of nature, storms, the phases of the moon and the power of the sun. Environmentally friendly clothing excites me enormously and when I have the funds, I will be investing in some of her uniquely cut tie-die tops, hooded garments and long flowing dresses. There is something delectably witchy about her work and I know that I and many others will feel empowered wearing her garments. I intend to interview this inspirational woman in the near future but for now, please enjoy some of her lovely creations.

~ Becca

droplet4-600x800 artemisia1-600x800 continuum1-600x800 forestsignsleggings1-600x800 hagshand1-600x800 helix1-600x800 lilyofthevalley1-600x800 mandragora1-600x800 rtkaftan_augury1-600x800 shroom1-600x800 threepthoodie2-600x800moonwoods1-600x800


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