We Craft with Darkness: Submission from Yvette Endrijautzki

Yvette Endrijautzki contacted VargaMor to let us know about her art and we are delighted to feature her as our first submission post.
“Hello there, my name is Yvette Endrijautzki, originally from Germany but located in Seattle since 7 years now. I am an assemblage artist amongst many other passions. My work is very dark, ethereal, otherwordly, soulful and holographic.
   Often my work is metaphors for confusion and obsession, stories of hope and despair or simply a comment to the puzzling world I live in. Juxtaposition and controversy are important elements of my creations: combined polarities like humor and pain, fear and bravery, love and hate or life and death are all subject matter which i believe we humans are in constant battle with. Facing these social and cultural matters, I give disturbing images a natural beauty and create harmony between opposition and contradictions. Found objects, gathered relics, emphema, and separated pieces are married and survive to form a whole that launches you into a demented wonderland, an astral journey, a surreal side show or an extra ordinary trip full of time warps, old memories and pure magick….
   I also create 5 element ritual incense called Quintessence and work in an esoteric shop and apothecary.”
il_570xN.619137594_atrq il_570xN.346916386 krabjab image solo copy garden of earthly delights- assemblage sculpture-endrijautzki 960219_1426402410922550_1579382339_n
 You can find Yvette on facebook and etsy and you can find her website here.

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