Through The Racks And Baskets We Rummage

At 6am on Saturday I crawled out of bed so I could get a good head-start on everyone else heading to Whitby for the Goth Festival. I had a mission you see, to stock up on ‘new’ garments for my rather pitiful wardrobe. I’ve been going to the Goth Festival for over ten years now. I’m not a Goth, but if an opportunity to re-stock on black comes up, well, I take advantage of it. I spend much more time at the second hand stalls and rooting around in the charity shops than I do elsewhere. Primarily because of my budget, but also because I’m not looking for ‘Goth specific’ clothing, simply nice black garments.

Anyway, as you might be aware (if you live in the UK), prices in some charity shops have rocketed. It’s not uncommon to be asked more than the original asking price in some cases. This is really unfortunate because charity shops are supposed to provide for people like myself who are unable to afford brand new clothes. However, it’s not all doom and gloom as there are still some places where you can find good deals, as this blog series shows, but a lot of the time charity shops are just taking the piss. For example, one shop was selling a half length wool cape for £45 and a dress for £70.

I didn’t find anything suitable at the various markets located around Whitby, and it was only when I was in the last charity shop in the town that I actually found some things. The dress was £4.99 and is ridiculously comfortable. The long knitted open cardigan was £3.99 and is my new favourite thing. I went out in them for the first time today, and felt like I could conquer the world.

– Katie



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