Mira Nedyalkova

I came across a sample of Mira’s work online and my heart skipped a beat; photography has to be something quite special to get me excited and Mira’s work is just flawless. There is a prolific use of water in her photography and on her site, she describes why she uses water so much as follows: ‘…It is the winner of pleasure and delight it gives life, but also poses a risk, threat, it can destroy us. I love the transparency  and purity of water, light and reflecting and transformations that is suffered in contact with another medium. For me the water is highly erotic element precisely because of the opposites that brings. Water is the one who quenches our  thirst and saves us. Lust for life of each of us, the thirst for love and the eternal struggle and attempt to erase, to dull to heal the pain, sadness, loneliness…”

The use of water, long hair and unconventionally beautiful women gives her work a definite Pre-Raphaelite feel. Much of her work seems otherworldly, unnatural but hauntingly beautiful and will leave you breathless, much like the characters she photographs submerged in water and denied oxygen. There is something chillingly simple about some her images; a quiet celebration of the female form accentuated with the use of high contrast and simple props of flora and fauna; some alive, some dead. Water gives a whole new dynamic to photography, form and the movement of garments and the splaying of fabric and hair displayed in many of her shots is visually sensual and pleasing to the eye. I know I am not alone in thinking that I will re-visit her works often, for they invoke so many feelings within me and I hope others feel the same.

You can find Mira’s website here. I shall try my hardest to interview this incredible woman. Picking just a small selection of her images to share with you all was hard but I hope you enjoy my choices.

~ Becca

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