Shieldmaiden Attire

The Grey Witch

I wear predominantly black – occasionally I will wear a deep red, purple and even a green when I’m feeling lazy or want to express my earthier, hippy side with colours. But normally, it’s all black. Getting depth and variation to layering in just shades of black can sometimes be tough – it’s certainly tough to photograph and I do have a deep fondness for grey; grey to me isn’t a negative or dull colour, instead I find it quite vibrant in its own unconventional manner. Grey is the colour of my thoughts sometimes, not positive thoughts admittedly but they are still part of the spectrum of my emotions and thus relevant to acknowledge. Grey is the colour of clouds – and so many shades! What is not beautiful about a stormy sky in varying shades of grey or those deliciously comfy, wet days spent indoors beneath a blanket grey sky. Grey is lovely and I have been introducing it more and more into my wardrobe and finding new ways of wearing dark fashion and expressing myself with it. This outfit made me feel like a grey witch, occasional wanderer of urban landscapes.

~ Becca

Photo 03-05-2015 19 54 34 Photo 03-05-2015 19 56 49 Photo 03-05-2015 21 16 18

Dress: H&M
Hooded waistcoat: H&M

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