Norway’s Monument To 91 Witches

Nearly 400 years ago, in the little town of Vardø in the extreme northeastern part of Norway, 91 people were executed after being convicted of witchcraft. In 2011 a memorial for those killed was unveiled by the Queen of Norway. Known as the Steilneset Memorial, the memorial it is located close to the site where the 91 were executed.

The memorial consists of two parts, a long hallway suspended near the beach, Zumthor’s “Memory Hall,” a long cross-hatched frame containing a corridor with 91 lamps, each one illuminates a window and a plaque that tells the story of the men and women killed with testimony from their trials. That is connected to the Bourgeois contribution, a black box made of glass with a constantly burning chair in the middle, with mirrors suspended above it. This part is called, “The Damned, The Possessed, and The Beloved.” – Dangerous Minds.

– Katie

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