Moon and Serpent

I found Moon and Serpent, ran by Göksu Şimşek from Turkey, by accident when I came across a regram of her horned hand pendant which was part of a giveaway she was running. I loved the pendant so entered the competition, not expecting to win. I was over the moon (no pun intended) when I got a message a short time later saying that I had won and when it arrived, I was delighted with the beauty and the detail of the pendant and can see that this level of detail and dedication has been put into all of her jewellery. Would highly recommend obtaining some of her lovely work.

~ Becca

il_570xN.511779675_purf il_570xN.557450551_6c65 il_570xN.588007757_mmtf il_570xN.603112045_i0e5 il_570xN.673983720_f3ca il_570xN.702503905_1t97 il_570xN.702954655_33boil_570xN.743003198_5vms



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