Retro Folie

I’ve always adored corsets; despite being a pain to put on and the inability to breathe or move with ease, they are still beautiful and sexy garments. When I came across Retro Folie I fell in love instantly – As a lover of the pre-Raphaelites due to the abundance of redheads and unconventionally beautiful women, the Ophelia Corset based on the painting by John Everett Millais. Several corsets also exhibit the designs of Alphonese Mucha who also celebrated wonderful ethereal female forms. Suffice to say, all the corsets are beautiful and adorned with stunning art of unusual women. I’m also a fan of the galaxy corset and the map of the world corset as they are impeccably well designed.

~ Becca

il_570xN.639061532_m3kj il_570xN.662464778_blye il_570xN.662468782_t0yd il_570xN.693791061_ihs7 il_570xN.750933238_pizl il_570xN.780423799_ksst


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