Poison Apple Printshop

I’m a big fan of patches and have been quietly accumulating quite a large collection but have yet to find a suitable garment to put them on. I came across Poison Apple Printshop ran by Adrienne Rozzi on instagram and before long I was scouring her website and her vast array of beautiful patches which I would proudly wear on my favourite leather jacket. I may just invest in some of her work in the near future! My favourites include the moon backpatch, the moon phases patch, the iron maiden patch, Artemis riding a goat and the very apt ‘Now his watch is ended’ patch in reference to game of thrones. Her screen prints are also just utterly stunning. Everything has a delectable witchy feel to it which I adore.

~ Becca

IMG_0112 IMG_5222 IMG_5260 IMG_6406 IMG_8858 IMG_8877 IMG_8919 IMG_8963 IMG_8976 IMG_9009-e1413162336187 IMG_9717 Poison-Apple-Printshop-Midnight-Spell-distressed-tank-punk-magic-occult-witchcraft-3


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