Antler Thorn

Antler Thorn ran by Stephanie from Portland creates simply lovely prints of her artwork; the main themes seem to circulate around presenting animals in unusual ways such as integrating celtic knotwork onto their bodies, Shamanistic Ravens and Reindeer, Goddess Owls bearing the crescent moon and other odd otherworldly creatures like owls with antlers, large ears and long limbs. The ethereal and bizarre feel to her work is quite glorious and is enough to invoke anyone’s imagination.

~ Becca

il_570xN.616128902_gr06 il_570xN.616244335_td6z il_570xN.616247553_mru3 il_570xN.616251585_mvjj il_570xN.667337701_4ed9 il_570xN.678626342_53k0 il_570xN.678715855_dd45 il_570xN.724706536_fkll il_570xN.724749705_q04x il_570xN.724850261_bwpqdark a


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