I thought it was about time that I reviewed some beauty products on Vargamor. As I’ve recently become much more aware of how to have a good skincare/beauty regimen, I have been actively investing in new products in order to keep my skin clean, healthy and spot and blemish free. I have very sensitive skin and often have bad reactions to products that contain lots of abhorrent man-made chemicals as opposed to the caring, luscious products of the earth. I also try my hardest to avoid rampant animal testers and companies who are particularly polluting but this is quite difficult without extensive research and a large budget but I try my hardest. Besides, when it comes to pollution, although the consumer can take some action really it needs to be tackled at the source i.e. the producer needs to change what they’re doing.

People talk about Lush a lot on the various social mediums I’m on – I see a lot of photos of Lush’s bath bombs on instagram which turn the water rather beautiful colours, apparently smell delicious and contain little surprises like confetti and such. This is all very well and good but I don’t actually have a bath and have had a reaction to every bath bomb I’ve ever used despite liking the idea of them so much. Perhaps some of our followers can tell us which bath bombs are particularly nice?

Anyway, despite having seen so much online, I’d never actually gone into a Lush store. I’d never really felt the need to but I finally popped in one the other day and received really good customer service and a wealth of decent advice on the best products to use for my skin.

What I ended up investing in (Lush products aren’t cheap) was three products: Tea Tree water, Angels on Bare Skin body and face cleanser and Ocean Salt face and body scrub.

The Ocean Salt scrub smells wonderful and is a great texture – the consistency of a lotion with large chunks of… well salt make it brilliant to use for exfoliation. I tried it on my face this morning and found it much too abrasive for the delicate skin on my face so I will only be using it for my body in the future, I can’t imagine I’m alone in choosing to use it exclusively for my body.

The Angels of Bare Skin is a very accurate description; I absolutely love putting this on my skin. The product itself is thick and turns into a lovely smooth paste when you add a little water. It has little lavender flowers in it – I love lavender, even if it is a stereotypical ‘Old Lady’ smell I think lavender is beautiful in both appearance and smell, I have dried bunches of it in my bedroom from years ago and they still smell and look amazing. My skin felt and look amazing even after just one use of this product so I look forward to the results from consistent use.

The Tea Tree water is to help prevent breakouts – although I always flinch when spraying products on my face – and smells lovely. It hasn’t had any visual results, as yet but I am hoping that continued use will start to show a noticeable difference.

Lush are well known for being against animal testing and make a point of recycling their pots by encouraging customers to bring them five pots back in exchange for a free face mask I believe. I deliberately grilled the member of staff about how environmental Lush were and the only thing she pointed out was this recycling thing. I’m going to look into how they source their products to ensure that they are being environmentally friendly or they’ll be another brand/company I am forced to boycott.

~ Becca



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