Lustfull Doll

It’s been a while since I posted anything about lingerie so I have decided to remedy this by talking about Lustfull Doll owned by Mulan from Boston. I’m somewhat besotted with body harnesses at the minute; I think they’re just unbelievably sexy and badass all rolled into one and I would happily wear one of the several body harnesses available from Lustfull Doll under my clothes or indeed on top of garments to add to the overall look of an outfit.  I’m a big fan of her garter dress, transparent dress and the PVC skirt. Sophisticated and a little smutty ! Both brilliant things!

~ Becca

il_570xN.668385621_ckdv il_570xN.689327940_lxxh il_570xN.689444937_ktm9 il_570xN.689445179_adi8 il_570xN.706484456_inxw il_570xN.740052845_2lpo


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