Sea of Wolves Design

Sea of wolves design ran by Catherine from Canada makes her products exclusively from “Organic Bamboo” – although this is not an environmental blog, I have to use this opportunity to talk about bamboo clothing a little as a lot of people have been misled to believe that bamboo clothing is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Although the process of growing bamboo in itself is environmentally friendly – it’s fast growing, helps to rebuild eroded soil, naturally pest resistant, it absorbs a lot of carbon through photosynthesis – more than other plant species – it doesn’t need to be replanted after harvesting and it doesn’t need large inputs of fertilisers or pesticides or herbicides. HOWEVER, the actual process of turning bamboo into clothing is where it becomes no longer sustainable or environmentally friendly and the desire for bamboo products is causing other habitats to be destroyed in order to grow bamboo. Surprisingly enough, that isn’t a good thing. Making bamboo clothing involves very large inputs of harmful chemicals including sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide which are both harmful to human health and the former is extremely damaging to acquatic life when it gets into water supplies. Despite claims that only small amounts of these chemicals are used, any factory producing large amounts of this fabric on an annual basis will expose both workers and the environment to huge amounts of these harmful chemicals and it is therefore highly polluting.

Although I am not criticising Sea of Wolves here, what I am getting at is that technically there is no such thing as ‘Organic Bamboo’. If you’re interested in learning more, turn to the wonder that is google to understand the ins and outs of the production of bamboo clothing; in the near future, I will be blogging about the environment on a separate blog on a regular basis and bamboo will certainly be something I cover.

ANYWAY – Sea of Wolves makes a selection of clothing made from bamboo fibres – including some rather lovely leggings with wolf designs and hoodies and tops featuring the silhouettes of trees and full moons.

~ Becca

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