Stephanie Pearl

Discovering new art has been a crucial part of my everyday existence for as long as I can remember. The thrill of coming across an artist whose work touches the inner most part of your soul is one of life’s greatest and, in my opinion, most valuable pleasures. One of my recent discoveries is Stephanie Pearl, a twenty one year old  English photographer inspired by magic, nature and broken things.

– Katie

983764_576612642451179_5773158985042902635_n 1375001_656065444505898_5443608819951565201_n 1392602_618222271623549_5430410183949421219_n 10174961_517910398321404_650288020293142418_n 10385381_557487311030379_9190446321105085208_n 10409064_612762132169563_6233249120899359933_n 10685522_598212446957865_1980527702376138661_n 11008594_703934966385612_6843471866148466630_n 11406978_716411571804618_2456010233781162696_n


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