Unpacking Osteal Jewellery

I fell pretty much instantly in love with everything made by Amanda Langston of Osteal Jewellery when I came across her site on etsy. Literally everything is just flawless, impeccable and I’d happily own everything. She uses antler, bone, copper and crystal to make beautiful ethereal and earthy jewellery that anyone, nevermind just wearers of dark fashion, would be proud to wear. I have said before how much I love the moon and I have been looking for a good crescent moon pendant for a long time now and had yet to find any that were what I was really looking for. So I decided to treat myself to some crescent moon earrings and a pendant after coveting them for a while. I was eagerly awaiting them in the post and I was so excited when the package was in my hands at last.

Amanda must be commended for the amount of thought she has put into both her products and the way they are packaged; she sent me three lovely poscards of her photography and the simple little brown box the jewllery came in had a perfectly tied black ribbon and just looked so lovely and welcoming – would look great as a gift for a friend or loved one. When I opened it up, I was shocked and delighted to find three perfect feathers which I tenderly removed from the box and intend to keep and use as decorations in my room. The jewellery underneath had me grinning from ear to ear straight away and I am beyond pleased. Both the earrings and the pendant are just flawless and I don’t want to take them off. I would highly recommend looking at the selection of stunning jewellery made by Osteal – I will most definitely be buying more from her in the future – and buying some of her work. I would also highly recommend following her on instagram and tumblr as she is a delight to follow and always up to something interesting and earthy; I honestly adore her for that.

Respect The Wilderness.

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