Magic Happens At Home

Stay at home Mum and former painter Ali Jardine creates surreal, gorgeous photographs of her children Pippen and Gabe using only her iPhone.

Inspiration for my work comes from everyday life; music, books, things i see and hear. Taking long walks, especially in a remote location without lots of people around seems to work well, but really I’m just a perpetual daydreamer and am always thinking about my next image no matter where I am or what I’m doing. Art has always been a part of my life, creating is what my brain does. Just don’t ask me to remember what happened yesterday or to do a math problem. – Ali Jardine.

Juxtaposer, Tiny Planets, VSCO, Image Blender, Pro HDR, and Mextures are all favorite apps that she couldn’t live without. I have to say, her work has definitely given me food for thought.

– Katie

alijardine01 alijardine02 alijardine08 alijardine11


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