Weakness For Moonstone

I have a real weakness for moonstone. My first piece of moonstone jewellery was gifted to me by my Mother when I started my period aged 13. It was a beautiful Celtic band ring, with an oval shaped moonstone centre. She told me I had become a woman, and the moonstone was representative of this. She told me that the moonstone would help to balance my menstrual cycle, as well as my emotions. Sadly, after many years of wear, the moonstone shifted and fell out of its socket. I do still have the remainder of the ring though, and will keep it until the end of my days.

When I laid eyes upon this Moonstone Mountain Pendent by Angela Wright Designs, the attraction was immediate. I love everything about this piece. The fact that it is hand cut and no two pieces are the same makes it all the more special. Her other jewellery is just as breathtaking. If you are looking to give your loved one a piece of jewellery that will render them speechless and moisten their eyes, I suggest you invest in a piece from Angela Wright Designs.

– Katie


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