Alison Scarpulla

When I saw a selection of images from photographer Alison Scarpulla on tumblr something inside me woke up and howled with primal joy. All of her work is ethereally beautiful and leads you calmly by the hand into a world of the unknown, the unusual and the unseen. My imagination just came alive and straight away I was reblogging her work and tagging it as ‘inspiration’ for future reference for my own work. With heavy connotations of witchcraft, faceless figures and silhouettes, heavy use of editing for the brightest¬†colours or deepest contrasts, peculiar landscapes and goings on, if her work doesn’t touch you, raise the hairs on the back of your neck or at least increase your heartbeat, I think you might indeed be dead. It was tough choosing a small selection of photos to share with you so I would highly recommend you go and look at her work on her website. I can only dream and aspire to make my work as impeccable and mind blowing as this!

~ Becca

1 alison 2 alison 4 alison 6 alison 8 alison 9 alison 11 alison 12 alison 13 alison 14 alison 15 alison 16 alison 17 alison


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