Carousel Ink

I’ve only recently started to wear leggings – for some reason, I’ve never really been drawn to wearing them. When I came across Carousel Ink, who predominantly makes leggings and stockings, I had an absolute field day. For once I don’t have a real favourite, they’re all glorious and I want them!

~ Becca

il_570xN.379256465_fhfe il_570xN.420678999_otj1 il_570xN.462410253_gsrs il_570xN.503816415_e2ch il_570xN.621765409_hon6 il_570xN.640585664_tgyn il_570xN.654786612_kuga il_570xN.696351733_omou il_570xN.723455118_eds1 il_570xN.751193149_ou8f il_570xN.779848184_3p1r


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