Shieldmaiden Attire

It’s been quite a while since I posted an outfit on here; I’ve been itching to post photos of me wearing my two new garments from Sovrin; the dark pines skirt and the runic stick leggings. For now, enjoy these photos of me showing off my runic stick leggings which I have been wearing almost continuously since I got them. They’re my first pair of leggings and have opened up a whole new world of legwear for me.

Due to the amount that I wear this top, I’ve realised it’s easily my favourite but also something that I lean back on a little too often; I have a wealth of clothing and should endeavour to wear all of it as opposed to only select items. Nevertheless, it was a fantastic choice to show off the leggings.

~ Becca


Top: H&M divided collection
Leggings: Sovrin
Necklace: Osteal Jewellery
Earrings: Osteal Jewellery
Bracelet: Home Made


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