Sophia Rapata

“Creepy cute creatures, beautiful sad beings and magical little witches make me happy…and I’m sure they’ll make you happy too! <3”

I couldn’t have worded it better; Sophia Rapata‘s cute but creepy art delighted my inner child and had me grinning from ear to ear. Despite the cuteness of some of her work, some of it is actually legitimately discocerting to look at and this is equally delightful. A brilliant gift for any adult or dark-minded child. I particularly like her ‘Follow the Witch’ print; a little humpbacked witch dragging along her iconic black cat by the hand.

~ Becca

il_570xN.739281434_4802 il_570xN.743148582_s9f1 il_570xN.753214997_8bth il_570xN.758750181_bzxy il_570xN.758890802_6kpt (1) il_570xN.758992877_ge88 il_570xN.759009717_dd9j il_570xN.761738399_c0ztil_570xN.781987831_ly05 il_570xN.782225510_4w5c il_570xN.782287882_adgh


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