Marta Bevacqua

I love falling into the work of a newly discovered artist. There’s nothing quite like it. This time, it’s the mysterious work of freelance professional photographer Marta Bevacqua. Each one of her pictures has a thousand stories to tell.

– Katie

10310686_856798747718960_6025138638601526072_n 11032646_890474101018091_2264778579597457713_n 11081123_874275419304626_3290775686665040876_n 11156203_873100762755425_4428933567924419655_n 11401351_905795356152632_8812651355831804643_n marta-bevacqua-12 marta-bevacqua-18 marta-bevacqua-28 marta-bevacqua-29


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