Vespere Vintage

Vespere Vintage is the latest endeavour of freelance filmmaker, illustrator and model Casstronaut. Curated with dark aesthetics in mind, Vespere Vintage provides authentically old wares harvested in Tennessee.

There’s a great desire within all of us to connect with our past. There’s a great desire within us to preserve and protect what we already do have. Buying second hand clothing preserves the past and also puts one more dent in the fast fashion industry that only produces waste and abolishes any uniqueness we have left. – Casstronaut

What I really love about Vespere Vintage is the fact that its decked out primarily in black. Most of the vintage stores I encounter on-line tend to be stuffed with brightly coloured garb. Though I’m not taken with everything that’s for sale, there’s plenty I would wear, including the pieces below. There’s also a preview to a documentary where Casstronaut talks about the motivation behind opening up her store.

– Katie



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