Nakhana Photography

I came across Nakhana Photography by accident; I’d seen a photo of another French artist, Ysambre (who I will feature at a later date) and had just assumed it was a self portrait. The photo had actually been taken by Nakhana. The image itself was captivating; a hooded figure, more wild and ensnared in nature to be entirely human, with the most stunning tree tattoo I have ever seen. The composition of the photo and the tattoo made me instantly click onto her photography page and I was instantly captivated by the images I was bombarded with. My imagination exploded like fireworks and I was patiently admiring each photo; taking the time with a cup of tea to absorb and appreciate each image.

Heavily inspired by nature, paganism, magic and medieval themes, her work is just fantastic and I was saddened that I couldn’t find more of her work beyond her tumblr as there were no links elsewhere but for now, enjoy some of her wonderful shots. I would love to do some modelling for this amazing woman; to be gifted with the chance of being one of the ethereal creatures in her photos would be quite incredible.

nakhana 1 nakhana 2 nakhana 3 nakhana 4 nakhana 5 nakhana 6 nakhana 7 nakhana 8 Nakhana


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