Summer Solstice

I spent last years summer solstice climbing a glacier in Iceland; at midnight, we were stood on the top in several feet of snow above the clouds watching the sun set and then rise again a few seconds later. It was a surreal experience and the best thing I have ever done. It was such a powerful occasion; the location, the beauty of the scene, the company – everyone sang an Icelandic folk song about the local troll, Bardur whilst on top – and I will never forget it. I doubt any Solstice will be as good as that unless I venture back to Iceland to climb another glacier!

This year, I was quite sad that I wasn’t really going to be doing anything of significance but my boyfriend suggested I visit a stone circle. I spent the day in Keswick and then in the evening ventured up to Castlerigg. I had hoped it would be quiet but as with everywhere in the Lake District in Spring/Summer, it was busy. Nevertheless, there is a power in that place; dating back to the Neolithic/Bronze age, the age of the site is overwhelming. The steadfast endurance of the huge chunks of stone arranged so specifically and the stunning views all round – no matter how many times I visit that place, it has a profound effect on me. There was such a power to the occasion – two people had even brought along chairs and we’re playing a drum and a flute quietly in the background. It was a pleasant addition undeniably but I would have personally preferred silence and solitude for such an occasion.

I went with a good friend who patiently snapped some shots of me among those ancient stones, trying his hardest to obscure the tourists from the shots. I am more than happy with the results and just had to share. Although I’ve started to edit my work a lot more recently, I’ve never been a firm believer in extensive editing for photos – sometimes the shot is good enough and should just be left alone. None of these shots are edited



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