Jessica Roux

Stunned by the work of illustrator Jessica Roux; hailing from Brooklyn, her old-world style illustrations sing nature which meant I was ensnared in seconds. All of her work is so intricate, so delicate; her flowers, bees, foxes, birds look so real that it feels like you could just extend a hand and touch the hairs on the bees back, tap the foxes nose, smell the sweet flowers and listen to the birds sing. Anyone who clearly loves nature this much is someone to admire in my books. I love her work all the more as she uses it as a means to convey messages about environmental awareness, climate change and animal extinction. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. The motto’s included in her work like “Grateful for Growth” and dubbing Magpie’s as “Good Omens” make me smile.

~ Becca

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