For Strange Women

For Strange Women is an Etsy store which offers 100% natural perfumes and other handmade concoctions, such as lip balm and cologne infused with botanical essences . Owner Jill explains more:

Every creation is handmade from scratch using traditional techniques in my Kansas City studio. An artful alchemy of botanical materials, strange concepts, and thoughtful packaging ensures a luxurious experience for all of your senses. My ingredients are carefully sourced from around the world with a strong preference for sustainably wild harvested and organic material. No synthetic ingredients are ever used.

I’m extremely selective over which scents I use. For the past year or so, I’ve been wearing the Body Shop’s Body Mist (which I highly recommend..) but since coming across For Strange Women, I’ve been yearning for their sublimely titled offerings, such as London Fog, a perfume oil with vanilla, bergamot, honey, earl grey black tea and an organic jojoba oil base. And their Moss & Ivy perfume oil with hints of oakmoss, basil, lavender, fresh herbs and leaves.

– Katie

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