Ovate FW15 Preview

Obsessed with what I’ve seen of Ovate’s FW15 collection. Maybe this year will be the year I finally invest in one of her pieces.

– Katie  11666232_1018528621491040_53172213698727384_n 11667315_1018528681491034_6190405629843158090_n 11692682_1018528784824357_1595606501476313381_n 11692736_1018528941491008_1644904027789600814_n 11695986_1018528901491012_6303921438448690278_n 1513698_1018528864824349_7475502443196055767_n 1908114_1018528778157691_5699395246500098965_n 11209347_1018528844824351_3019161605899480959_n 11223856_1018528861491016_9082279854253347598_n 11666043_1018528728157696_7241242237206463568_n 11666044_1018528628157706_3978009301589347446_n 11666211_1018528918157677_6858799424879892216_n


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