Hair Around Nature

I’ve always loved bones; the macabre beauty of the skeletal form and imagining the creature it was before is something I thoroughly enjoy. Recently, I’ve been more active with my bone collecting and now have two Roe Deer skulls and the skull of some unknown bird in my room. I also have a rather beautiful sheep skull on a bench outside that is too beautifully covered in moss to attempt to clean to bring indoors – that would spoil it.

Anyway, my love of bones and antlers and such meant that when I came across Hair Around Nature, which focuses on making unique hairpieces from bones, antlers, claws, horns and such, I was instantly thinking how wonderful her pins, combs, hair accessories and barrettes would look in my hair. I’m sure as Katie shares my love of bones, she to will be coveting some of these lovely items.

~ Becca

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