Claudia Wycisk

Very taken with these powerful portraits of women taken by German photographer Claudia Wycisk.

Everyone has their own passion. Someday this passion quietly knocks on the door, getting louder and louder until it wants to get out into the world. My passion is photography.

In 2007 my grandmother gave me a push at the right moment to try out this passion. In a comfortable coffee round she encouraged me to buy a camera and try out to take pictures. That “try out” was first done with animals. I photographed my horses and my dog in every situation. Then I changed to my first attempts in photographing architecture and the nature. In 2009 I came in touch with the people photography and since this time I didn’t do anything else. To put people into scene and to bring out different things in them in a fantastic way doesn’t let go of me anymore. – Claudia Wycisk

Her website is an absolute dream to navigate and is a place where you can quite happily spend an evening.

– Katie

croppedimage900637-147 croppedimage900637-Angela1 croppedimage900637-Ina croppedimage900637-Margot2 croppedimage900637-Michelle2 croppedimage900637-Sarah2 croppedimage900637-Yale croppedimage900637-108 croppedimage900637-146


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