Through The Racks And Baskets We Rummage

The past week has been extraordinarily difficult. Mentally, emotionally and physically difficult. So I decided that today I would engage in some thrift therapy. Fortunately, the gods were smiling down on me (for the first time in a long time), and the charity shops were heaving with treasures…alas, they were also heaving with ferocious old ladies. (One actually grabbed my arm at one point and pulled me out of the way as I as shifting through a rack of vest tops.)

Despite the elders pushing and scrabbling for bargains, I managed to get hold of three skirts, two tops, one wool cardigan that’s actually more like a cape and a capelet, all for the very reasonable price of £15.27p. That would get you a sock in Top Shop.

I’ve been feeling depressed about my wardrobe recently and really needed some new items to bring in some variety. You know when you feel like you wear the same thing over and over and over…? I’ve been feeling like that for far too long. Thrifting today has helped three different charities and it’s also helped to lift my mood out of the quagmire it’s been languishing in.

– Katie


Thrift textures.


     When I need to hibernate, you will find me in this.


I tied this caplet around my waist instead of my shoulders to make a thrifty apron skirt.



You can never have too many layers.


I think this will be worn layered with other things…



59p skirt.



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