Nilenna is one of the most beautiful little ethereal creatures I have encountered online. Hailing from Norway, her photography, stunning long hair, unique fashion sense and viking attire makes her an iconic and distinctive young woman who I cannot help to admire and take bucket loads of inspiration from.

~ Becca

tumblr_m8ybsvZlHi1qg6iyro1_500 tumblr_mqpegqZEDt1qg6iyro1_500 tumblr_mruudporPD1qg6iyro1_500 tumblr_msb24ofw6R1qg6iyro1_500 tumblr_mve8ou2u161si5wszo1_500 tumblr_n0an74dAXO1si5wszo1_500 tumblr_n9edusFtMM1qg6iyro1_500 tumblr_n83nsqu9iu1qg6iyro1_500 tumblr_nhj5laS0MU1si5wszo1_500tumblr_nki7jjwLPl1qg6iyro1_500 tumblr_npmy0qCjoX1qg6iyro3_500 tumblr_nqs8sbRQW41qg6iyro1_500


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