DIY Distressed Marduk Shirt

I freaking love the distressed look and today decided to give an old band shirt a new lease of life…

o4_635732710196628883_Afterlight_Edit1. Get your stuff together. You’ll need a band shirt, a pair of scissors, a craft knife, a magazine or cardboard and P60 sandpaper.

The shirt I distressed was Marduk longsleeve that I’ve had for about eight years. It’s been worn almost to death already, so has that really nice faded colour to it. (Tip – when distressing a top, if you go for a faded one half the work is already done!)

m2_635732812818687914_Afterlight_Edit2. If your top has sleeves, cut them off. You don’t need to be neat about it.

m3_635732813214341514_Afterlight_Edit3. If you want to keep the collar, then (carefully) cut away at sections of it it with your craft knife or scissors (I prefer using a craft knife, it creates more texture). You can do as much or as little to the collar as you like. I actually did away with the whole thing in the end.

m4_635732813608667690_Afterlight_Edit4. Now, take your sandpaper and go nuts all over the body of your top, and don’t forget the back. It doesn’t take long for the P60 to make its way through the fabric, so put your magazine or cardboard under the layer you are distressing. Vary the pressure you apply with the sandpaper to achieve different distressed results. Use your craft knife to make finer cuts and to add more variety.

m6_635732814148549452_Afterlight_Edit5. Cut the hem off the bottom of your shirt and get to work with your sandpaper and craft knife or scissors. Don’t forget to use your magazine or cardboard to protect the surface you’re working on. I worked mostly with sandpaper to create this effect, holding down the fabric while I worked at the edges. Once you’re done with the hem, take a look over your shirt and see if it could do with a bit more work…you’ll know when you’re done, it just feels right.

m11_635732844975440638_Afterlight_Edit m13_635732845703648967_Afterlight_Edit– Katie


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