Uldus Bakhtiozina

This morning my heart belong to Russian artist Uldus Bakhtiozina, and I think by the time you have scrolled through this post, she will have ownership of your heart too. Inspired by Russian fairy tales, Bakhtiozina creates imagery that is rich in detail and symbolism.

– Katie

russian-fairy-tales-surreal-photograpjhy-uldus-bakhtiozina-1 russian-fairy-tales-surreal-photograpjhy-uldus-bakhtiozina-3 russian-fairy-tales-surreal-photograpjhy-uldus-bakhtiozina-5 russian-fairy-tales-surreal-photograpjhy-uldus-bakhtiozina-6 russian-fairy-tales-surreal-photograpjhy-uldus-bakhtiozina-7 russian-fairy-tales-surreal-photograpjhy-uldus-bakhtiozina-9 russian-fairy-tales-surreal-photograpjhy-uldus-bakhtiozina-19

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