A Week Of Getting Dressed In The Dark

Once upon a time I was a Fashion Witch and I blogged about fashion, but then that term became too overused so I abandoned it. I didn’t, however, abandon my desire to host a fashion blog that I could use to document my personal fashion journey and celebrate dark fashion exclusively. I was waiting for the right time to come along and the right name…and the other week the time came and the name dropped into my lap. You can now follow me at Getting Dressed In The Dark if you would like a daily dark fashion fix. On another note, I can’t emphasize just how much blogging has helped to adapt my approach to fashion. Blogging is helping me to be more adventurous and daring with what I wear, and thoughtfully explore my style and potential new looks. I have never had so much fun with clothing before – and I love it! Below you can find my outfits from the past week. Most of what you will see is thrifted.

– Katie

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