Ashley Joncas

Based in Seattle, Ashley Joncas takes dark and ethereal photos heavily inspired by dark fashion themes. Not only are the photos wonderfully composed but the outfits, makeup, hair, everything is just so on point. I will happily and openly admit I was practically drooling over the copious amounts of leather, suspenders, body harnesses, spikes, leggings, dresses… the lot. Just utter perfection and I can’t get enough – it was hard to pick just a selection of photos!

~ Becca

13825_928766147169710_2251973725056535848_n 10351091_764230010289992_4285605740798213633_n 10455997_903252069721118_3522796429595573223_n 10985376_950437545002570_1100057867976864998_n 11058488_931055113607480_1088800093900314773_n 11065910_932631293449862_4719033263134147399_n 11141209_935363973176594_5950633714214836871_n 11391157_927723153940676_7052116079110055399_n


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