I’ve been wanting to talk about the amazing products made by Korres for some time now. Although the Greek company make a range of product ranging from hair products to face care, fragrances, suncare and such, I want to talk about their makeup – namely, their lip products. The Korres lip butters are some of the most beautiful products I have ever used on my lips; not only do they keep my lips completely and utterly moisturised and prevent them from cracking but the butters are incredibly fragrant, come in a variety of lovely colours and made from Quince – a fruit.

What is amazing about Korres is that all their products are made with natural ingredients – revelling in the power of plants – and with a firm mantra about protecting the environment in production, 100% renewable energy, No waste and supporting the local community.

My favourite products are the Wild Rose lip butter which is a lovely colour and the Mandarin lip butter (photographed below). I would very highly recommend buying some Korres products as they are certainly worth the money and they last. I bought one of my wild rose lip butters well over a year ago and I use it very frequently and yet have barely used half the pot so its certainly good value.

~ Becca
2015-07-21 15.56.02


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